Did I lay my wire proper for my outside heaters? « mint

Did I lay my wire right for my outdoor heaters?

I recently crafted a household and was going to set up outside heaters down the highway. That down the road is now but I’m involved I didn’t lay the right kind of wiring. It’s virtually unattainable to rerun wire with out tearing out drywall.

The heaters have twin heating factors with a duplex swap (to switch on a single and/or both equally factors.

I laid 10/2 wire coming from the major panel, then 10/2 coming from the swap to the heater.

In this article is a link to a online video of how it must be hooked up.

The online video demonstrates 1 incredibly hot wire heading to the duplex swap and then 2 individual wires going to each and every aspect. The other warm line is supposed to be wired instantly to just one of the aspects and continue to be hot all the time.

Difficulty is – I only have 10/2 coming from the switch and I assume I have to have 10/3. 2 for the switched components and 1 for the constant scorching.

Any recommendation on how I could take care of this at this position? Is it possible with 10/2 only? « brand name-new